TechBuilding Group is an innovative manufacturing company registered in Uganda, pioneering the cutting edge building solution M2 for the large scale projects in the Uganda construction market. The M2 Advanced Building System utilizes factory-fabricated reinforced Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels that are then assembled onsite, afterwhich concrete plastering is then applied, the finished wall has a tensile strength 5 times stronger than a conventional brick and timber wall. This technology ensures long-life durability and rapid execution of all types of buildings. All architectural shapes and structural elements (load bearing walls, slabs, roofs, stairs) can be realized; ranging from the simple to the most complex.The M2 Building System has a presence in 28 countries worldwide a growing presence in the Africa with manufacturing plants in: Kenya, Angola, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan.

The current housing deficit in Uganda currently stands at 500,000 housing units, this represents the Total Addressable Market in Uganda, just in the residential sub-sector growing at a CAGR of 14.8%. This is projected to grow to 8 million units in the next  2 decades. The annual need for new housing for the entire country is estimated at 200,000 units. It is on this backdrop that this building system is highly sought after by leading real estate developers, as it enables affordable and low cost housings, this is because this building system, allows construction companies achieve the highest quality with significant cost savings of 30% for the raw building, as well as savings in time.