Faster Construction, Faster go-to-market; Now a Possibility.

This week has been a whirlwind at TechBuilding; we started assembling the EPS panels for our Model House in Bukasa, Muyenga and the speed at which the structure came up from the foundation was astonishing to say the least. In only three days; we moved from a raw foundation to a fully walled structure of reinforced Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels, assembled onsite. View the photo slideshow here and follow the progress; the excitement is palpable!

IMG_20170630_081422On the First Day, the EPS panels were moved to the site and re-bars drilled into the foundation according to the model house building plan. The re-bars are used to hold up the EPS panels, securing them to the foundation; this is done by connecting them to the reinforcing steel mesh.20170630_095608

20170630_101520Assembling of the panels started on Day Two; the outer corners were first to be erected, this was meticulously done using plumb bobs, the rest of the wall span for the entire perimeter structure then followed. Moving the panels was very quick due to the lightness of the polystyrene core; a single on-site worker can lift an entire panel and shift it to the assembling point, alone. What this means; is that in one go, an area of 3.6 sqm is erected.

cropped-img_34178.jpgThe sections for the plumbing and electrical installation lines were installed on the Third Day; for this, a hot air gun was used to melt the polystyrene sections where these lines would pass. We took a short video of the process here.

“The future was getting here faster than I’d expected.” This quote by Maggie Stiefvater brilliantly describes the pace of innovation in the construction industry. Faster construction means faster go-to-market, which translates into a quicker return on investment; for any large construction project, this is the end all and be all. Typically, most large construction projects get bogged down by delays, resulting in significant budget overruns and missed project deadlines which many times spell disaster for the contractors and final clients.

As the first company in Uganda that will manufacture reinforced Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels that are assembled onsite (manufacturing at our production plant will begin shortly), TechBuilding will guarantee significantly faster project completion times: a faster go-to-market is now made possible.

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